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Party ShortsTM from BarTVTM is alternative eye candy, specifically designed for casual viewing at your party, private event, restaurant, bowling alley, pinball arcade, tavern, or other gathering place.  Clips are 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length and run the gamut of clever, jaw-dropping video.

What You'll See:  Airplane stunts, motorcycle and car stunts, surfing, skateboarding, cartoons, old movie trailers, song and dance, bizarre industrial films about the "future", monkeys, circus acts, daredevil bicycling and roller skating, old Western fights, silent comedies, knife-throwing, weird TV commercials, NASA videos, you name it!  Videos have been edited to remove any boring parts, so what you get is the ACTION! 

These videos are designed for continuous viewing - start it and forget it! 

Plan #1:  Roku Video.  The Roku channel has up to 10 hours of continuous Party Shorts video at any given time, with frequent content updates.  Start it and forget it.  No menus to mess with, no muss, no fuss!  Click this URL to subscribe instantly!  Just $3.99 per month. Quit at any time!

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Plan #2:  2-hour DVDs.  These are $19.95 per DVD and include a 1-year replacement guarantee!  If your DVD fails during the first year, simply return it to us and we'll replace it!  No questions!  These DVDs run on most stand-alone players made in the past 15 years, and all computers with DVD players. Some DVDs are specialized, most are a random mix of video.  All are from the original popular BarTV series.  You can order online below.  Just click on an image!


Popular:  J-101  Eye Candy for Bars & Clubs  This was our very first DVD, and very popular.  Contains clips of surfing, a Reno rodeo, old-fashioned passenger train trip from the 1950s, jet fighters, short cartoons, film of tornadoes, drive-in movie ads, the Golden Gate Bridge, movie trailers, bi-plane stunt flights, setting explosives to open an oil well, a parachuting school for smoke jumpers, including demonstrations of how to roll to safety after a parachute fall.  Continuous play, silent, about 100 minutes. 

Popular:  J-102  Family Slide Show I - This DVD is a slide show presenting ads from magazines, medical journals, mail order catalogs, and the like from the 1880s to the 1950s.  See ridiculous toys that never made it, ads for appliances designed to straighten your nose while you sleep, home steam cabinets, cough medicine containing cocaine, beer as a magic elixir, rubber nipples to "prevent colic", ads for odd salads from the 1950s.  Cars such as the Edsel and LaSalle.  Postcard scenery, old street scenes, odd signs, funny photos, etc.  There are over 650 slides in this slideshow.  Player piano audio accompanies.  Like all our other DVDs, it's a continuous show, no menus, no fuss, no bother (on most players & computers.)

J-103  Jaw Droppers & Stunts - Acrobats, monkeys, water frolics, a chimp that bathes a cat, animal intelligence, ice skating tricks, Cuban dances, a "duck and cover" civil defense Cold War instructional film, the Calavaras County Jumping Frog competition, a rat circus, cartoons, dangerous car stunts, automobile road tests, old TV commercials, a woman getting her head shaved for a contest, the opening of the Santa's Village amusement park.  Silent film, continuous show.  (This video was formerly called Jaw Droppers 2.)  This is a good all-around video for the entire family

VERY Popular: J-104  All Burlesque - This is a compendium of almost 2 hours of burlesque entertainers and strippers from the 1940s and 50s.  We're not allowed to advertise the names of a couple of the entertainers here, though these particular videos are perfectly legal to show.  Some of the dancers are great, but most are mediocre or just plain bad.  But they all seem to be enjoying themselves.  NOT FOR CHILDREN! This kind of video plays well in a hipster environment or an old-fashioned corner bar or tavern.  

"The Burlesque DVD has made our Monday nights special." -- Ray, bartender at the Powerhouse

J-105 Fortuna - Eye Candy - The private life of cats: see a mama cat take care of her kittens and move them around the house.  A number of old movie trailers from song and dance to thrillers, breath-takers including man riding a windmill in SF’s Golden Gate Park, circus acts, clown prep, slideshow oddities, two burlesque dancers, Tom & Jerry cartoon, Betty Boop cartoon, airplane and car stunts.  This has been a popular DVD for us.  The clips are longer here than in other DVDs. 

J-106 Vistas    >> Special Format!  Unlike the other BarTV videos, which tend to be jarring and have abrupt changes for very active establishments, the Vistas series is a soothing compendium of scenes with gentle changes.  Silent footage, no BarTV drink slides. This series is perfect for waiting rooms, quiet dinners, more upscale establishments.  This video is largely of American wildlife refuges and contains bird flights, deer, buffalo, and other kinds of wildlife in settings such as streams, rivers, ocean, and forests.  100% family friendly!

J-107 Vistas II   >> Special Format!  Vistas II is a 90 minute excursion to several American national parks. There are many airplane flights over rugged terrain, showing the dramatic landscapes of our national parks.  There are many underwater scenes toward the end. Silent footage, no BarTV drink slides, smooth transitions among scenes. The National Parks Service requires that this video may only be shown within the United States.  100% family friendly!

J-108 Belvedere - Eye Candy  90 minutes of eye candy for bars and clubs. Includes movie trailers, burlesque stripper “Red Haired Riot”, skateboard documentary, a funky “modern” house trailer, railroad movie, alligator wrestling, car stunts, ephemera slide show, amusement park tour, snack bar ads, cartoon, flipping hot dog ad, regatta newsreel, oldtime movie slides.

J-111 All Fashion - 95 minutes of women’s fashion! Fashions of 1940, stage presentation from 1920s, how-to from Simplicity Patterns, 1960 prom night, spring fashion for 1950, Bohemian fashion, Harper’s Bazaar, fashion on ice and snow, Aristocrats of Fashion, hair styles including bird feathered looks, hair fashion through the ages, and a surprising car-fashion tie-in film. 100% family friendly!

"The All Fashion DVD is a fun thing for customers to watch at our salon" -- Helen, owner Just So Salon

NEW! J-112 Automobilia Nine women cram into a Chevy at the beach, cars and house trailers of 1939, trailer parks, hot rodding, car races, police do stunts with motorcycles, late 1950s cars such as the 1955 Motoramic Chevrolet, an historic trip down San Francisco’s Market Street in 1906, the day before the devastating quake and fire. Thrill driving, car stunts, including rough terrain and in creeks, and jumps and roll-overs, and a space-age car fantasy. Also, shots from a juvenile delinquency movie about hot rodders, and police practicing their shooting from moving vehicles at a gun range.  100% family friendly!

NEW! J-113 Westerns & Fistfights - 90+ minutes filled with plenty of old Western gunplay, fistfights, frantic horseback riding.  People breaking into fights for no apparent reason, outlaws riding the range (actually, the Iverson Ranch movie lot near Chatsworth).  We've taken a bunch of old Roy Rogers TV shows and cut out all the slow scenes to give you a video full of two-fisted action!  Perfect for a Western themed bar or restaurant.  Nobody gets killed or bleeds in these; they're from the 1950s after all...  

NEW! J-120 All Movie Trailers I - 90 minutes of mostly song and dance, and comedy, including spectacular dance scenes from the Golden Age of cinema. Among the trailers: 42nd Street, Damn Yankees, Gold Diggers of 1933 and 1935, On the Town, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Kentucky Jubilee, The Gang’s All Here, An American in Paris, For Me and My Gal, Footlight Parade, Brigadoon, Broadway Rhythm, The Pirate, Till The Clouds Roll By.   37 trailers in all as originally seen in movie theaters.  Because there is music in this video it is licensed only in the USA for venues with ASCAP and BMI performance licenses.  100% family friendly!

NEW! J-121 All Movie Trailers II - 90 minutes of movie trailers featuring horror and crime movies along with other odds and ends. Titles include Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, Dive Bomber, Go West, Kiss of Death, Gang Busters, Jungle Queen, Flesh Gordon, Teenagers from Outer Space, The Thing from Another Planet, The Leech Woman, Teenage Zombies, The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, Junior G-Men of the Air, The Mole People, etc. Also included are snack bar and intermission films to round out your movie-going experience. These all have sound and the DVD is best enjoyed with sound. Licensed only for the USA. Family friendly with the exception of 2 seconds of nudity in the "Flesh Gordon" trailer (shown on back of box).

Future Programs  Keep checking this website for future releases.  We're actively researching and acquiring rights to a lot of video.  We always value suggestions.   


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Here's a short 15-minute demo showing some typical video.  This is from the older BarTV TM series, which was originally designed for bars. 



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